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The division

Filter presses are divided by size and type of filter plates, sealing systems and technical solutions and frame filter press equipment.

Size of press is characterized by number of filter plates and by the length of their parties, which specifies the size press. We manufacture and supply filter presses with formats boards:

Filter press - size panels
Filter area
number of
Thickness cake
Conclusion press Type line Resettlement boards Baths Spraying cloth
mech. hydr. ele. hydr. side top man. mech. aut. man. mech.
300 0,6-2,3 5-20 15-32 x x             x    
400 1,5-10 5-40 15-35 x x x x   x x   x x  
470 2-15,5 5-40 15-32     x x   x x   x x  
500 1,5-17,5 5-60 15-32   x x x   x x   x x  
630 5-30 10-60 15-32   x x x   x x x x x x
800 12-70 15-100 15-40     x x x x x x   x x
1000 30-200 20-120 15-50     x x x x x x   x x
1100 50-270 20-120 15-50     x x x     x   x x
1200 60-300 30-12 15-50     x x x     x   x x
1500 100-500 50-120 15-50     x x x     x   x x
mech. - mechanical, hydr. - hydraulic, ele. - electric, man. - manual

Filter plates creates a workspace filter press - filter chamber. The filter plate is provided inside the chamber profiled surface that allows drainage of the filtrate into the canal and then out of the filter press.

Subdivided filter plates under construction on the frame, a membrane chamber and by the way the filtrate outlet to an open or closed.

Material used for the production of filter plates is in most cases homogeneous polypropylene. The membrane filter plates of the body panels of polypropylene and a membrane may be operational by the nature of media in PP, EPDM, NBR ETC. According to the requirements of technology may be used for plates and membranes used as materials such as PVDF, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.

Method of closing filter presses

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Construction filter presses

with side bolsters

- design with relatively low structural weight, the possibility of manual evacuation of filter plates.

The upper beam

- massive construction particularly suited for large sewage treatment plant and manufacturing operations (kaolin factory, chemicals, neutralizing stations, etc.) in press sizes from 800 to 1500 mm.


Equipment filter presses

division plates
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Gutter tubs
Knocking plates
Cloths washer
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Blowing the centre
Wash cakes
Drying cakes
Sourcing cloth
Protective and security features
Management and Controls
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Station pressure membranes
Production, repair and reconstruction